Monster & Mouse Go Camping

Written by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Jared Chapman

Mouse wants to take Monster Camping. He sums is up perfectly.
“You walk in the woods. You sleep in a tent. You tell spooky stories.”
Mouse said.
“It sounds scary.” said Monster.
Eventually Monster is convinced, they pack up, and head out. They find a pretty stream, the right trail and a perfect camping spot. After some hiccups and the arrival of night, the optimistic Mouse starts to feel not so confident. But as good friends do, they help each other out and find a way to have the best time ever camping. Yay friendship!

There are No Bears in This Bakery

by Julia Sarcone Roach

This picture book is perfectly sweet! There’s a fun detective-y feel to it, which makes Muffin, a cat, the detective! Muffin lives at the bakery. Muffin is the ruler of the night. Muffin knows all, it’s Muffin’s beat. But, there’s a new sound. A ‘Grrr’ sound. “Up close the bear smelled like old socks, cinnamon, and adventure.” Just perfectly worded! It’s like that through the whole book! There is suspense, and surprise, and a sweet, cuddly, sugary, cozy bear hug. But wait, didn’t the title say There are No Bears in This Bakery?

I Need a Hug

by Aaron Blabey

This is a super short, sweet, and simple book. What I have to say just happens to mirror that- super short, sweet and simple. The animals are TOTALLY CUTE. Especially Hedgehog. Just look at him. Just a hug, that’s all he needs, simple. A hug. But only one animal is willing. That’s okay though, it only takes one. It turns out, they are perfect for each other. It’s written in a quick rhyme that works perfectly. It reminds me of Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back and Jen Betton’s Hedgehog Needs a Hug. Just perfect.

Pirate Jack Gets Dressed

Written by Nancy Raines Day, illustrated by Allison Black

It’s a colors book! It’s a colors book! I love it! I love it! Pirate Jack puts on layer after layer of colorful pieces to create a very fashionable look. A pirate’s got to look his best you know. This is written with a playful rhythm that can be read out loud over and over. I would do it in a pirate-y voice to make it SUPER fun. There are such cute characters in these beautifully graphic illustrations. Pirate Jack’s teddy bear, an octopus, a turtle, and a whale to name a few. You can even follow a one-eyed mouse (or friendly rat) through the whole book.


by Jared Chapman

Dinosaurs, comedy and hand delivered food unite! This is a hilarious read. Two T. Rexes find a time machine, decide to hop in because they smelled food, and off they go! Or is it off they came? Because they are here! In our modern world, they find food is found on every corner, or at a drive thru, or being hand delivered to them personally! AMAZING. Donuts, subs, pizza, microwave burritos, food FOOD FOOD! Oh, right, and there are people running around a freaking out for some reason. I wonder why? Hehe, wink wink. Maybe if they just realized how good they have it, you know, with food you can cook in a light up box. Added to my list!

Zola’s Elephant

Written by Randall de Sève, illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski

Zola has got to have an elephant right? With that GIANT moving box, it’s got to be for an elephant. There is also a lot of thumping going on over at Zola’s house. It’s got to be her elephant. Elephants eat toast and get bubbly baths too you know. That’s why the running water and smell of toast. Of course, that must mean Zola is too busy to play with anyone else but her elephant. Right? There simply isn’t room for anyone. Or, maybe Zola doesn’t have an elephant? Oh no! I almost blew the whole thing! Borrow this super sweet and imaginative book to see what I almost blew!