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Being Yourself,  Friendship,  Kindness

Bear & Wolf

by Daniel Salmieri

This is a beautiful book. Holding on to the present, being in the moment, that is getting harder and harder. These friends do it so well. Getting to meet them as they meet each other is perfect. They enjoy walking together, just being together, and then needing to go their separate ways. They know, they will meet again, and it will be just as they need it to be. These moments are gorgeous too. There is a light texture, unique perspectives and perfect light. Just gorgeous. The whites of winter are reflected with cool colors, then, a burst of pinks and oranges. You can feel the cool air in your lungs and the wet snow under your feet as you walk with these companions. You find you are breathing slower, you are exploring everything in the moment, and you feel like you are friends with Bear and Wolf.