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    Ten New Favorites!

    Niko Draws a Feeling Niko Draws a Feeling Written by Bob Raczka, illustrated by Simone Shin This story is an example of how amazingly different some people feel, and see, and hear, our world. Some are even lucky enough to be able to express these experiences visually. Niko is one. I relate to Niko SO much. My experiences are very abstract, but SO strong. The pieces Niko makes are true to him. Immovable. The hard work of a robin’s nest, a ring-a-ling of an ice cream truck. They are what they are and he shares that. Not many others understand, but finally Niko finds someone who does. And that is…

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    Being Yourself

    Chick’s Rule

    Written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Illustrated by Renée Kurilla Chicks can build, and play, and run, and knit, and ride, and rock, and write, and think, and draw, and read, and aim, and carry, and make, and preach, and lead, and code, and learn, and surf, and sail, and bake, and build, and design, and teach, and love, and believe, and devise, and create, and work, and share, and include, and conquer, and succeed! These chicks are all diversely adorable and capable of EVERYTHING! They won’t let a “No Chicks Allowed” sign stop them! The illustrations are energetic and colorful, while being portly and imaginative, all at the same time. AMAZING.…

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    Being Yourself,  Kindness

    I Need a Hug

    by Aaron Blabey This is a super short, sweet, and simple book. What I have to say just happens to mirror that- super short, sweet and simple. The animals are TOTALLY CUTE. Especially Hedgehog. Just look at him. Just a hug, that’s all he needs, simple. A hug. But only one animal is willing. That’s okay though, it only takes one. It turns out, they are perfect for each other. It’s written in a quick rhyme that works perfectly. It reminds me of Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back and Jen Betton’s Hedgehog Needs a Hug. Just perfect.

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    Being Yourself

    Oliver, The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth

    Written by Josh Crute, illustrations by John Taesoo Kim It’s a real problem. Living in someone else’s shadow. Oliver’s every day is a drag. Everyone comes to visit Sherman, the largest living thing on earth. Oliver is only the second largest, so he doesn’t get the attention. He doesn’t even get a sign. Sherman has a sign. People get their pictures taken in front of Sherman, and his sign. Oliver tries everything to get noticed. But Sherman will always draw the crowds, he will always be the largest. In sadness and woe, Oliver turns away from Sherman, tired of watching. But wait! Who does he notice but Agnes, the third-largest…

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    Being Yourself,  Friendship,  Kindness

    Bear & Wolf

    by Daniel Salmieri This is a beautiful book. Holding on to the present, being in the moment, that is getting harder and harder. These friends do it so well. Getting to meet them as they meet each other is perfect. They enjoy walking together, just being together, and then needing to go their separate ways. They know, they will meet again, and it will be just as they need it to be. These moments are gorgeous too. There is a light texture, unique perspectives and perfect light. Just gorgeous. The whites of winter are reflected with cool colors, then, a burst of pinks and oranges. You can feel the cool…

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    Being Yourself,  Hilarious

    Lyric McKerrigan Secret Librarian

    Written by Jacob Sager Weinstein, illustrated by Vera Brosgol This book has all the intrigue and action of a spy movie! Lyric McKerrigan most definitely saves to world one book at a time. The evil villian Doctor Glockenspiel wants a billion-trillion dollars or else he will unleash his army of giant moths to eat all the books of the world! But does that even put a pause in Lyric McKerrigan’s steps? No way! She uses every trick in the book *wink-wink* to outwit her evil foe! I can’t say enough about the use of color in this book either. Vera Brosgol makes it look so easy! Just so super great.