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    Being Yourself,  Kindness

    Hector the Collector

    Written by Emily Beeny, illustrated by Stephanie Graegin It all began with an acorn…Hector collected acorns on the way to school. He loves all their differences and similarities. He loves their beauty. He fills his desk with them. He fills it so full, that it looks like a squirrel stashed them there for the winter. So, when the teacher says it’s time to check desks, Hector is worried. But, this super teacher helps Hector feel better. Collections come in all shapes and sizes, a lot of people have collections, and they are all beautiful. Scraps of fabric, baseball cards, and stamps. Museums are made of giant collections of things people…

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    Being Yourself,  Kindness,  Silly Fun

    Business Pig

    by Andrea Zuill THIS BOOK IS ADORABLE! Andrea Zuill is awesome at funny, cute and just perfect. Business Pig’s tailored suit set against his chubby rosy cheeks is so squishy cute. Of course he wouldn’t be like other pigs, you can tell that from the cover, but he is so much more! He is looking for a forever home. Adoptive families come to the farm for pigs, but the right fit for Business Pig doesn’t come right away. Bookkeeping is enjoyable to him, charts and business cards and resumes are his best ways of expressing himself. So, he advertises! He is the perfect pet of the future! Everyone wants a…

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    Friendship,  Kindness

    Apples for Little Fox

    by Ekaterina Trukhan Fox loves apples, books and detectives. I think that is just perfect. Eat an apple, read a book about detectives, great night in! This cute Little Fox makes his way to the library, stopping by the apple tree, wishing there would be a mystery to solve, then BOOM! Mystery! One morning, there are NO apples on the apple tree! Little Fox gets to work, but while out detecting, do you think he’ll find all the clues? You’ll get to see this super delicious ending when you pick up this fun book!