Chick’s Rule

Written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Illustrated by Renée Kurilla

Chicks can build, and play, and run, and knit, and ride, and rock, and write, and think, and draw, and read, and aim, and carry, and make, and preach, and lead, and code, and learn, and surf, and sail, and bake, and build, and design, and teach, and love, and believe, and devise, and create, and work, and share, and include, and conquer, and succeed! These chicks are all diversely adorable and capable of EVERYTHING! They won’t let a “No Chicks Allowed” sign stop them! The illustrations are energetic and colorful, while being portly and imaginative, all at the same time. AMAZING. If you can, take a peek underneath the dust cover after you read it, it’s beautiful! I LOVE this book, this message, all these chicks. I just LOVE it!