picture book cover
Adventure,  Beautiful

EDISON: The Mystery of the Missing Mouse Treasure

by Torben Kuhlmann

This is a gorgeous-gorgeous, amazing-amazing, adventure-adventure! A new face appears in the University of Mice class (which is inside a bookstore). Pete asks the professor of UM for help finding a long lost treasure. A treasure which is only known to Pete by an old letter written by one of his ancestors. Together the professor and Pete study the ocean, and experiment with submarine construction, for a voyage to the bottom of the sea. The professor has experience in adventure, but cannot join Pete on this voyage. He is too old and tired. So, Pete goes it alone, but with the knowledge the professor gave him. He sails away on a ship, launches and dives into the depths to find his treasure. Such a world to be plunged into. So beautiful and full of marvel. (The book I mean) And what a treasure!