picture book cover
Friendship,  Kindness

Iver & Ellsworth

Written by Casey Robinson, illustrated by Melissa Larson

Ellsworth is a rooftop bear! Iver works in the building Ellsworth sits on. Iver also checks on Ellsworth everyday. Ellsworth has an unbreakable bond with Iver. He is the perfect friend and helper. He keeps Ellsworth in tip-top shape. Cleans him up, checks his ropes and also keeps him company. In return, Ellsworth loves to keep Iver company too. Iver likes to talk to Ellsworth. He points out that everyone else is always in such a rush, but not he & Ellsworth. They get to sit still and watch sunsets. They keep each other company, just sitting and watching together, as the world rushes around them. The perfect pair. Perfect moments. Super sweet friendship