picture book cover
Being Yourself,  Silly Fun


Written by Angela DiTerlizzi, illustrated by Samantha Cotterill

Glitter adds joy, color and glitz to any humdrum moment. Today is a humdrum day, so let’s add some GLITTER! Add it to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Add SO MUCH! Too much? No such thing! It’s not just for art projects… think BIGGER! GLITTER in your bedroom, your toy room, the living room, the walls, the furniture, SO MUCH GLITTER! Uh-oh, looks like there is a teeny bit of glitter that needs cleaning up. Well, clean up will be sparkling and glitzy, so not humdrum. The illustrations are created using lots of glitter filled diorama scenes and there is even more glitter added after the printing process. I’m pretty sure, the illustrator is still finding glitter in her couch cushions. Super fun.