picture book cover
Being Yourself

Oliver, The Second-Largest Living Thing on Earth

Written by Josh Crute, illustrations by John Taesoo Kim

It’s a real problem. Living in someone else’s shadow. Oliver’s every day is a drag. Everyone comes to visit Sherman, the largest living thing on earth. Oliver is only the second largest, so he doesn’t get the attention. He doesn’t even get a sign. Sherman has a sign. People get their pictures taken in front of Sherman, and his sign. Oliver tries everything to get noticed. But Sherman will always draw the crowds, he will always be the largest. In sadness and woe, Oliver turns away from Sherman, tired of watching. But wait! Who does he notice but Agnes, the third-largest living thing on earth! And Gertrude! And Peter! And more! So many are out there, not the largest, but still standing tall. Oliver feels so much better